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Video Surveillance
Investigative Technologies’ philosophy is based on developing a Claimant Profile.  This allows us to help determine when they may be active rather than just going out blindly and performing surveillance.  
We feel that the Timing of the various aspects of an investigation is also a determining factor of how useful the documentation may be.  Proper preliminary investigation, accurate information, the use of highly trained and well equipped investigators, are key to formulating and executing an effective game plan.

Activity Checks
Preliminary Investigations document the details and basic information essential to a quality investigation.  It is also useful in verifying information.
Profiling is often the key to developing insight to possibly activities and facilitates the timing of the surveillance and investigation. This method helps ensure maximized results. 
Spot Checks of the residence provide valuable information about vehicles present, project pending or in progress, potential surveillance locations, and other possible on goings.  They can also be utilized to pattern when the subject may be around.
Neighborhood Investigations or (sub rosa) if done properly and discreetly can often answer questions about the claimant.  Information such as, how often they are home, their involvement in possible projects around the residence, and a possible determination if they are well liked or have any disputes with neighbors.

Criminal and Civil Records Checks
Criminal matters often paint a picture of the claimant’s past and possible activity stemming from, Felonies, Assaults, or credibility issues like Theft, Fraud, Forgery, and False Information to Police.

Civil matters may reveal Personal Injury matters, cases involving health care providers, or an insurance company, which may suggest a pre-existing injury.  Lawsuits, Judgments, Restraining Orders, and Domestic Issues may also be found with these searches.

Police Incident Reports will list calls to the residence and events like Domestic Assault that do not result in charges or injuries that do not immediately require medical attention.

Recorded and Written Statements
Our investigators are trained to compose and obtain thorough audio and/or videotaped recorded interviews.


Skip Tracing & Witness Locates
We also offer in-depth background checks, witness profiles, and executive profiles. 

Motor Vehicle & Driver License
Driving records lists the current and past status of a license and whether it is valid, suspended, or revoked.  It may reveal offenses such as DWI, Reckless Driving, and No Fault Accident, Failure to Yield, Child Endangerment.   Motor Vehicle records are also available.

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